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“If we all started to serve on a more micro level, it would change a lot of things on a macro level.” – Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is many things including a biohacker, an athlete, an entrepreneur, and an author. He has found success thanks to a lifetime of building healthy habits that work for him, many of which he now teaches to others through coaching, podcasts, and his writing. Whether he’s teaching his kids how to be selfless or helping someone he’s never met achieve something new, Ben is making a difference in the world one act at a time. 

On today’s episode, Ben explains how he has spent decades experimenting with his health and lifestyle to achieve optimal performance and life satisfaction, how he is raising his children to live a life full of purpose, and how he thinks you can make a difference everyday.

Spoiler alert: It all comes down to building meaningful relationships. 

Quotes from Ben:

12:20 – “I had this mentality of you have your times when you bite the bullet and you go to the gym and you get the formal exercise session in. But I’ve since changed up that routine too, by engaging in low-level physical activity during the day, using a lot of these Pomodoro breaks to do things like jumping jacks or kettlebell swings or burpees or hanging from a pull-up bar. And so I find that that has allowed me to scratch that movement itch during the day.”  

21:29 – [On his love for learning and reading books…] “I simply have always been a voracious consumer of books. Loved to read, love to take notes from that book, loved to share those books with others, underlining certain sections I find interesting or folding over pages. It just tickles me pink that two weeks from then I get to actually talk to that author for an hour and a half on my show. I mean, honestly, I’d pay for that privilege and instead, I get paid to do it, which is amazing for me.”

27:16 – [On teaching his children the hero’s journey] “[I want them] to embrace themselves and who they authentically are rather than to be who their peers might expect them to be. Because if you are going to be a hero, you do have to stand out a little bit. If you’re in your ordinary world, then you have to be ordinary. But once you give yourself permission to be extraordinary, to cross over the threshold, to go on an adventure that others might have resisted, you have to think a little differently.” 

28:51 – [On raising his children] “They think outside the box. That’s a big part of them on understanding that if they want to be a hero and get outside the ordinary world, that they do need to embrace their true, authentic selves and live out the purpose that they were placed upon this planet to live out if they want to have maximum impact in the world.”

33:02 – “If we all started to serve on a more micro level, it would change a lot of things on a macro level.”

36:32 – “Every human being was born with a unique skill set.”



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