From Marketing to Chief Operating Officer with Whitney Bouck of HelloSign

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Whitney Bouck is the Chief Operating Officer of HelloSign, a tool that lets users sign documents with legally binding e-signatures. As COO, Whitney is responsible for leading the sales, marketing, customer operations, and business development team. However, she wasn’t always a COO, in fact, she came from the marketing world. She served as SVP of Global Marketing at Box and, prior to that, was Chief Marketing Officer for EMC. For Whitney, the transition from marketing to operations was natural. 

“I discovered that I like telling stories and helping turn on light bulbs for people. I like learning what their priorities are and helping to problem-solve with them. And those are really a lot of the essentials behind marketing.”

On this episode, Ian and Whitney discuss everything from how her past work experience in marketing led her to want to become a COO, her three keys to working well with CIOs, and how to market a technical product. 

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Quotes from Whitney:

“Marketers today are technologists and they’re data junkies because they have to be.”

“End users just want to know what the experience is like, how easy it is to get the job done, and how quickly they can do it.”

[On advising start-ups] “I love sharing lessons I’ve learned and helping others, but it is very much a mutual learning kind of thing. I get to stay ahead of emerging technology trends and I get to meet the great leaders that are emerging and growing companies. They’re going to be ahead of me on stuff. So it’s very helpful to me as much as it is for them to have access to my expertise.”




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