Bridging the Communication Gap in Healthcare with Brent Lang, CEO of Vocera

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“Technology should be viewed as your friend and as a support tool for you.”— Brent Lang

Brent Lang, CEO of Vocera, has worked hard to achieve his long list of accomplishments. He started his career as a star athlete in college winning an Olympic gold medal in 1988, and it was only after he graduated from the University of Michigan that he began diving into the world of technology. Brent eventually became one of the first employees to join Vocera andis on a mission to help improve the lives of patients, families and health care professionals around the globe.

“Once I got into the healthcare industry, I found that everybody has a story. Everybody has a connection where they’ve had either a really good experience in a hospital or a really bad experience in the hospital. And for us, our employees are very motivated because they want to have an impact on the world.”

On this episode of Mission Daily, Chad and Brent sit down to discuss how Vocera is unifying care teams, information, and priorities around the patient through proper communication and workflow to improve patient care, safety and experience.

Quotes from Brent:

[On the beginnings of Vocera] “The fundamental problem that we solved for initially was that we wanted to enable that nurse standing at the patient’s bedside to immediately be able to get a hold of the help that they need.”

“Our business has evolved and is now not just about that person getting a hold of other people. It’s about those expert systems being able to get ahold of the right person, at the right time, to take action.”

[On Vocera’s offering] “It’s completely revolutionized the way [nurses] care for patients. They feel safer and more connected to their coworkers. They feel like they can get access to the help that they need. Patients talk about it being a quieter environment and they feel more cared for.”

“Technology should be viewed as your friend and as a support tool for you, as opposed to this sort of evil that’s been thrust upon you in the past. Organizations like Vocera are really trying to change that narrative to say, we can actually be here to make a difference, to change that dynamic and not just be another piece of technology that doesn’t meet its promise.”


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