A Whisky Tasting with Callum O’Donnell, Brand Ambassador for Aberlour

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“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

Did you know that there are 5x more infusion barrels than people in Scotland? Do you understand the difference between whiskey and whisky? Should you put ice or no ice in your scotch? To answer these questions and more, we turned to Callum O’Donnell.

On this special episode of Mission Daily, we are joined in studio by Callum, a Brand Ambassador for Aberlour. Founded by James Fleming in 1879, Aberlour is a distillery in Scotland that makes Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Callum travels throughout the Silicon Valley region bringing Aberlour to tech firms, startups, and companies that are changing the world. 

James Fleming was known for saying, “Let the deeds show.” In modern English, this translates to, “Actions speak louder than words.” Aberlour commemorates Fleming’s legacy by continuing to support businesses that are letting their “deeds show” by making a positive impact on the world. 

Callum, Ian, Steph, and Albert (VP of Ops at Mission and new to the studio) discuss the whiskey industry at large, explain how to draw flavor from your favorite adult beverages, and share their favorite drinks.

Continue the conversation on socials by using the hashtag #LouderThanWords or by following Aberlour (@aberlour_us). Reach out to Callum to set up your own ‘whisky’ tasting here.

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Quotes from Callum:

“The nose of a whiskey will tell you a lot about it.”

“Let the deeds show.”


Islay, Scotland

Aberlour 12, Aberlour 18, and A’Bunadh Batch 64


Episode 317