Traveling to New Business Territories With George Hammer, Global Head of Marketing of Tripadvisor

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Is it best to grow your career by staying in one industry? George Hammer, the Global Head of Marketing of Tripadvisor, suggests that traveling to different industries and jobs is the way to learn more. Tune in to hear from George about how marketers ought to have an interdisciplinary approach and how marketing leaders should make out-of-the-box hires.

Tune in to learn:

  • How George’s entrepreneurial roots shaped his career choices (10:30)
  • Lessons George learned from working at previous companies (13:15) 
  • What combinations of skills are needed by today’s marketers? (21:30)
  • George’s leadership style and about the importance of team diversity (28:07)


About the Guest:

BIO: Award-winning global marketing executive and digital transformation leader who builds brands that customers love, the world needs, and shareholders applaud. 

I started my career as a strategy consultant at Deloitte. While there, I learned the power of diverse thinking in building growth strategies across industries. I also learned adaptive leadership skills through working for multiple clients at once. Most of all, I mastered the art of turning data into real customer insights to create strategies that work.

Upon graduating from the Executive MBA program at the University of Chicago, I helped launch a startup and led my first marketing team. As CMO of the largest K-12 professional networking website, I learned how to create a brand from scratch and bring it to the market. We pioneered digital business and marketing to lower acquisition costs and increase LTV of customers.

I exited the startup world, in the middle of the credit crisis, and I joined Mindshare. There I learned how large enterprises use paid media to drive growth. I believe that focusing on what’s in the impressions matters so I went to Discovery to learn from the best content creators and marketers in the world.

Digitas provided the opportunity to be a leader at the hottest digital creative agency at the time. I was given the mission to drive the emerging practices of Social, Mobile and Content. I was fortunate to be nominated, attend and graduate from the Publicis Executive Development Program. As SVP of Marketing I led initiatives for American Express, bringing a DTC streaming platform to market for NBC, launching a new Google phone, building a social studio for Diageo and custom content campaigns for L’Oreal. Our team won a Cannes Lion for Taco Bell and the Grand Prix Lion for AstraZeneca.

At IBM, I’ve done a lot. So rather than talk about it here, want to chat?”

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