The Future of Marketing: Storytelling and Unique Brand Voice

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On this episode, Carrie Grapenthin, CMO of Lincoln International, discusses the importance of listening, diplomacy, and relationship-building in marketing leadership. She emphasizes the need for marketers to be agile and adaptable, especially in a competitive and fast-paced industry. Carrie also highlights the unique role of marketing in shaping the perception of the brand and driving business growth. She shares examples of innovative marketing campaigns and the impact they had on brand awareness and employee engagement. Carrie predicts that storytelling and maintaining a unique brand voice will be crucial in the future of marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI can be influential for efficiency and effectiveness, but custom and unique content is still important.
  • Why listening and diplomacy are important skills for marketing leaders to ensure that everyone feels heard and valued.
  • The need for agility and adaptability in the fast-paced and competitive marketing industry.
  • How marketing plays a key role in shaping brand perception and driving business growth.
  • Innovative marketing campaigns and their impact on brand awareness and employee engagement.
  • Storytelling and maintaining a unique brand voice will be essential in the future of marketing.


About the Guest:

“As Chief Marketing Officer, Carrie oversees firm-wide strategy and planning to drive awareness, understanding and preference for the Lincoln brand. Carrie has been instrumental in articulating and demonstrating the firm’s distinct position and offering in the market, helping drive growth and innovation.

Throughout her near 25-year career, Carrie has influenced important strategic transformations to generate successful outcomes across stakeholder groups from clients, prospects, employees and investors. Carrie is a business partner and leader at Lincoln who is relied upon for global marketing and communications strategy and integration, employee engagement and change management, thought leadership strategy and PR.

Carrie has spent 18 years focused on brand, marketing and communications in professional services organizations – from management consulting to financial or HR services. She began her career developing employee brands and driving engagement through informative and inspiring internal communications, including for McDonald’s.

Carrie holds a Master of Science in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University and Bachelor of Arts in both communications and English from Purdue University.”

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