The Challenge of A Historic Brand With a Modern Vision

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Marketing Trends Background

On this episode, Victoria Lozano, EVP of Marketing for Crayola, discusses the evolving role of marketing, the importance of creativity, and the power of partnerships. She emphasizes that marketing is no longer just about advertising and promotions, but about all the touch points a brand has in consumers’ lives. She also highlights the need for marketers to focus on both brand and business, and the impact of AI in marketing, emphasizing the need to use it smartly and not get caught up in sensationalism.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing is no longer just about advertising and promotions, but about all the touch points a brand has in consumers’ lives.
  • Brands need to create 360-degree engagement with consumers, leveraging various touch points such as products, experiences, content, and partnerships.
  • Crayola has evolved and expanded its brand by focusing on its mission to help parents and educators raise creatively alive kids.
  • Making changes within a legacy brand can be challenging, but articulating a clear mission and purpose can help guide the process. Clarity in brand mission and language is essential to eliminate debates and focus on delivering a powerful and consistent brand experience.
  • Partnerships can be enabling rather than dilutive if they align with the brand’s values and bring new capabilities and revenue streams.
  • AI is a valuable tool in marketing, but it should be used as a point of input rather than the final output, with human oversight and touch.
  • Crayola’s recent campaign for creativity aims to elevate the importance of creativity in children’s lives and help parents nurture it.
  • Emerging marketing leaders should strive to be good business leaders, understanding the business context in which marketing operates.


About the Guest:

“Victoria Lozano is Executive Vice President, Marketing at Crayola LLC where she leads Crayola’s marketing activation and digital strategy. In her role, Victoria oversees all of Crayola’s consumer communications, digital/omni-channel marketing, interactive app portfolio and education marketing. She is also responsible for leading Crayola’s strategic direction and development plans for entertainment content. Prior this role, Victoria led the rollout of Crayola Experience, a branded attraction and retail concept that brings Crayola’s mission to life in experiential ways. Known for its broad range of colorful and creative products, the Crayola brand is routed in and guided by its mission to help parents and educators raise creatively alive kids!”

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