The Automation Evangelist with Xuan Liao, CMO, Americas, Roboyo

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One wouldn’t think that freeing up workers’ time spent on menial tasks so they could focus on more important things would be a hard sell for businesses. But when it comes to adopting automation in the workplace, some companies still need convincing. That’s where today’s guest comes in. Xuan Liao is the CMO for the Americas region at the automation services company Roboyo. Tune in to hear Xuan’s unique journey into marketing, and learn why this self-proclaimed evangelizer of automation is so fired up about getting companies to join the “robo-lution.”

Tune in to learn:

  • Roboyo’s approach to “evangelizing automation” (02:20)
  • The need for automation education (05:18)
  • The distinction between RPA and Hyper Automation (07:18)
  • The point at which a company engages with Roboyo (10:36)
  • The Banking Industry being behind when it comes to automation (13:02)
  • Xuan’s marketing journey (15:42)
  • Xuan’s experience being raised in Colombia (18:02)
  • What verticals have been quick to adopt automation (19:28)
  • What Xuan was experiencing when she wrote her article on automation (20:52)
  • Mediums Roboyo utilizes to bring in new clients (23:28)
  • The thought process behind employing organic SEO (25:15)
  • Building rapport with Roboyo clients (27:49)
  • Areas in which clients most need automation (30:58)
  • Insights into Roboyo’s marketing team (34:52)
  • Some of Roboyo’s notable use cases (37:49)
  • A crucial moment in Xuan’s career (39:38)
  • Lightning round, presented with Salesforce (43:12)


About the Guest:


A strong believer in passion, persistence, and continuous growth; three of the essential drivers in both my personal and professional life.

With a multicultural and entrepreneurial background and vast professional experience working in international organizations, I have built a unique profile that caters to fast-paced, rapid-growth global enterprises.

My core expertise revolves around B2B marketing, with a heavy emphasis on the technology domain.”

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Episode 363