Making Digital Memories With Lachlan Davidson, Head of Digital and Marketing, Memories Group Limited

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Memorializing a lost loved one is a longstanding human custom. But how is that tradition changing in today’s digital world? Lachlan Davidson is the Head of Digital and Marketing for Memories Group Limited, a leader in the burgeoning digital legacy industry. Lachlan joins us to discuss how technological innovation is opening the door to new possibilities in the memorialization space and shares the joys and challenges of growing a category as a marketer.

Tune in to learn:

  • Memories Group Limited’s services (4:20) 
  • Creating and growing a new marketing category (21:50) 
  • The technology that exists that will enhance how Memories Group serves customers (36:20)

About the Guest:

BIO: “I am a commercially focused customer and marketing leader who starts with people and data before moving to creative outputs. I am energized by building teams that deeply understand customer and business problems, and pride myself on enabling individuals through my leadership across multiple customer experience and marketing skill sets, including technology and data. I like to put the fun into driving great results for customers and a business and I am best known for my people and leadership capabilities combined with my commercial approach.”

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Episode 339