Discovering Mobile Marketing Opportunities With Pepper Evans

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As avenues of consumer interactions advance, what areas should marketers focus on to evolve communication? Pepper Evans, SVP of Marketing at Optum, claims that the next advancement for marketers is to focus on the mobile experience. By improving app capabilities, companies can easily communicate with consumers to provide meaningful connections and drive revenue. Tune in to the episode to hear how Pepper invests in her employees to enhance their experiences which in turn improves customer interactions.

Tune in to learn:

  • What Optum does (02:05)
  • About the consumerization of healthcare (10:02)
  • How to balance fast-paced environments as a marketing leader (14:10)
  • About personalizing communication with customers (21:49)


14:03 Siegel and Gale

22:18 LuLuLemon Apparel 

29:50 Moveable Ink 

37:00 AYR Apparel  

About the Guest:

LinkedIn BIO: I am a customer-centric, omni-channel marketing and business leader who who builds brands, engages customers, and uses data to drive growth and increase profit. I create sticky brands through differentiated communications and customer experiences. I know how to bring large brands together to create new opportunities for customers, associates, and business partners. I am skilled at leading in complex, dynamic environments that require nimble strategies, creative problem solving, and strong relationships.”

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Episode 379