Low-code Truth-telling With Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist & VP-North America of WEBCON

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Even if everyone could easily develop their own applications, would that really be a good thing? Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist & VP-North America of WEBCON, points out that low-code solutions, like those offered by WEBCON, work well in experienced hands. Tune in to hear Mike’s myth-busting takes on low-code and no-code solutions and what he sees as the realistic promise of these sorts of development tools.

Tune in to learn:

  • The distinction between low-code and no-code tools (05:40)
  • Why Mike believes ‘citizen development” needs guardrails (09:24) 
  • How low-code tools help developers move more quickly (14:01) 
  • How companies can use low-code tools successfully (30:33) 


About the Guest:

BIO: Responsible for developing WEBCON’s North American presence, evangelizing its Business Process Suite, and advocating overall best practices in workflow and business process automation, digital transformation, and citizen-assisted development. Fathered SharePoint evangelism at Microsoft, and was a critical part of growing it from an internal startup to an enterprise mainstay. Frequent and sought-after speaker at industry conferences, webinars, and symposia. Key force multiplier for others’ work in marketing, competitive sales, partner relations, and engineering.

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Episode 396