Becoming a Super Learner with Ruben Harris

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Mastering our psychology, emotions, and collaborating with good people are three of the largest challenges that each of us faces as a human. So how do you build or join a squad of like-minded, good people who are going to understand you? How do you master your psychology and your emotions, especially during such challenging times?

Today, we discuss the answers to those questions and more with our guest, Ruben Harris. Originally from Atlanta, Ruben is the co-founder and CEO of Career Karma and a true life-long learner.  Ruben tells his story of getting started at a Montessori school, working traditional jobs, breaking into tech, and then going on to become one of the most authentic value creators and connectors in Silicon Valley.

Chad and Ruben talk about tips to become a super learner and creating value in non-transactional ways. Plus, they talk about Blue Zones – a term researchers have coined to designate areas of the world where people routinely live to be 100 or older. Ruben shares how a learning practice from a specific Japanese Blue Zone helped inspire their company model and how you can go about thinking and employing this strategy in your own life.

From ideas about building a healthy psychology to talk about tech and the future of education, hear it all in today’s episode with Ruben Harris.


Episode 29