Where to Effectively Deploy Your Event Budget in a Post COVID World

“Where should we deploy our event budgets in a post COVID world?!” 

That’s a question we hear a lot these days. Enterprises used to rely on events for marketing and sales purposes. Now, they need new strategies. The simple answer is to shift their event budgets to the digital world. 

“How about a webinar?” 

Sorry, did you say something? I just took a nap.

Webinars and digital events are great, but pose a lot of challenges. They aren’t evergreen. They don’t compound as quickly as content can online. It’s difficult and expensive to get a lot of the right people to attend. And they take a huge amount of resources and personnel to coordinate.

However, there’s something much better that lives longer, is growing, in demand, and keeps the audience’s attention.


A quarter of Americans now listen to podcasts weekly, with an average weekly consumption of 6 hours and 37 minutes. And did you know that 80% of podcast listeners listen to all or most of an episode!? When was the last time 80% of people engaging with your content actually finished it? Not only are these listeners engaged, they are also highly educated and oftentimes hard to reach in other digital channels. The market for podcast advertising went from $200M in 2017 to a projected $863M in 2020… and should cross $1B in 2021. 

The increases in podcast sponsorship and listenership over the past few years has created many unique opportunities. Specifically, there is an unprecedented opportunity to reach the executives you need to influence.

How are we so certain about this? Because our team has been creating award winning, custom, C-level and executive-focused podcast sponsorships since 2018! 

Our podcast sponsorships are weekly, bi-weekly, or daily “events” that can reach 1000’s of your potential customers, create organic relationships between your brand and the guests who come on the show, and provide a way to champion your current customers. Check out some of the shows in our network that do just this:

Our sponsors include companies like Salesforce, Twilio, Dell, Splunk, Katerra, and more.

Here’s what we’re seeing and hearing about our podcasts:

  • They are a must-have resource for marketing and sales teams who need to reach executives. 
  • These are the sponsorships that B2B companies can use to drive pipeline and ROI. 
  • These are the digital spaces where your prospects, customers, and influencers are spending their time.  
  • You can use and repurpose the transcripts and audio for your own content marketing. 
  • They’ll help your team keep a pulse on the industry. 
  • They are account based marketing gold that’s able to ensure your message gets in front of the executives in your industry you need to reach. 

So what’s the best way to deploy those event budgets and marketing dollars in our new world?  

Simple. Sponsor a custom Mission podcast around your vertical. 

Stop the worry and hassle of putting on a flawless event. Stop the worry about creating a webinar with minimal attendance. 

Instead, let us host and reach everyone you want via our custom podcasts.

Here are a few examples of our shows:

Check out IT Visionaries, our podcast designed for CIOs and CTOs of the global 2000. As of this publishing, we have released almost 200 episodes, the podcast has ranked as high as #65 worldwide on the Apple Podcast charts, and we’ve had exclusive interviews with C-Suite leaders from companies like Dell, Github, Panosonic, Shell and more. Salesforce Platform is the exclusive sponsor of the podcast. 

Here’s Marketing Trends, our podcast designed for CMOs of the global 2000. As of this publishing, we have released 200 episodes and the show has ranked as high as #1 worldwide in Marketing on the Apple podcast charts thanks to our guests from companies like Lego, Spotify, Google, Grubhub and more! Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the exclusive sponsor of the podcast. 

Here’s Hidden in Plain Sight, our podcast designed for technology executives and Chief Data Scientists. As of this publishing, it’s ranked as high as #2 in Technology on the Apple podcast charts, with Season 1 being narrated by celebrity Sophia Bush. This show is sponsored exclusively by Splunk.

And here’s one bonus example… Checkout Up Next in Commerce, our podcast designed for eCommerce executives. As of this publishing, it’s ranked as high as #10 on the Apple podcast charts, and #1 in business! It’s sponsored exclusively by Salesforce Commerce. 

To learn more about how to deploy your old event budget in a whole new way, connect with us today!

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