Be The Early-Evangelist

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“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

Food For Thought

Be The Early-Evangelist

Criticizing things is easy. Go on Yelp, and you’ll find a slew of one-star reviews. Goodreads is jam-packed with negative feedback. Click on any product on Amazon and you’ll find that someone was unhappy.

While we’re all about freedom of speech and consumer rights, we have an idea. A musing, if you will. Something we hope you’ll ponder today as you go out into the world.

Try and tell someone about something you love. Got a new phone case that’s saved you when your two-year-old dropped it in the toiled by “accident”? Share that! Love your new workout pants? Rave about them when your friend mentions how good you look. This goes especially for new products that are still trying to gain traction.

In his recent interview with The Mission Daily, Adam Blitzer of Salesforce talked about how an “early evangelist” – a believer in his product who was very vocal with his support – helped save Adam’s early start-up. He painted a picture of what an “early evangelist” looks like: They are “the person who probably irrationally believes in you and believes in your mission with no skin. They have no stake, but they just love what you’re doing so much that they’re going to help you make it happen.”

Wouldn’t we all love that kind of support?

Heck yeah, we would.

So let’s make it happen – and it starts with us. We might not all know a small start-up that needs a boost, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Instead of focusing on the bad, go out and shout about something awesome.

The world needs more of that.

Deep Dive

Help Me Help You

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Don’t Look In The Mirror

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